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Ionstar supplies own electricity
Ionizing devices use electrical energy and air pressure to make vehicle surfaces less susceptible to attracting dust and lint before they are painted. They do this by neutralizing the electric charge on parts and surfaces, making it more difficult for impurities to adhere to vehicle surfaces. Once connected to the compressed air system, the Ionstar anti-static gun generates the electric energy that it needs using a turbine located inside it. It requires no separeate cable-based power supply, no batteries and no battery packs. This makes it much lighter and more flexible to use than other options.

Lackiererblatt Juli 2018:

Reducing dust inclusions - New ionizing device produces the necessary energy itself
Workshops are seldom dust-free clean-rooms. For this reason, dust inclusions are normal in professional painting situations, but only to a certain extent. Professional paining and spraying companies try to reduce the amount of dust inclusions and the resulting finishing work, as much as possible; more and more often they are turning to ionising devices to achieve this. This procedure is already widespread in industrial painting and lacquering as it neutralizes the static charge on the parts to be painted and ensures that no dust or lint clings to the surface. Normally this is done by directing a strong jet of ionised air at the surface. The ionised air prevents the dust particles from attaching themselves to the surface and at the same time disperses them. The electrical current necessary for ionisation is provided by rechargeable battery packs or by power cables which run from current source to the ionising pistol. Consequently, the painter and varnisher in the spray cabin either has a relatively heavy but independent device to use, or has to pull a cable along behind themselves. An elegant solution to this problem is provided by the Company Herrmann Lack-Technik.

After being attached to the compressed air system, the pistol, which is not much larger than an average blowingout gun, produces the necessary energy itself, with the aid of an integrated turbine. IONSTAR therefore needs no supply of current via power cables, batteries or battery chargers the inventor and CEO of Herrmann Lack-Technik GmbH, Johannes Herrmann, is keen to point out. That is the all-important unique selling feature of our self-developed antistatic pistol. According to Johannes Herrmann, the device is world-wide the only solution that works based on a turbine to deliver the necessary energy. Because those using the IONSTAR don't have to consider recharging times, the device can be used continually. Cost advantages arise out of the fact that no batteries or battery chargers have to be purchased or replaced. The IONSTAR can be use at temperatures ranging from –15°C to 50°C. Max. pressure is 5 bar. Recommended working pressure is 2–3 bar.

Reducing finishing work
The company Höpfl Fahrzeug- und Industrielackierung GmbH has advanced from being an automobile paint shop to the specialist for Industrial painting and lacquering solutions that it is today. During this transition Höpfl has expanded continually. Main customers of the company based in Weiding in Bavaria, is the automobile industry and their suppliers. The main focus of the work is the coating of plastic parts, everything from bumpers and spoilers to cover plates and interior details. The unavoidable problems caused by static charge and the resulting dust inclusions are, quite understand ably, correspondingly large. As Walter Höpfl explains: For our Company, as the workbench of the Automobile industry, there is a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to dust inclusions and lint. in concrete terms that means we maintain a finishing department that is staffed with 12 full-time employees, who are specialised in eliminating every last little surface defect. Because the order volume just keeps on growing, the Company has even reached its limits when it comes to sourcing suitable personnel. Consequently, Walter Höpfl is constantly looking for ways to reduce the amount of finishing work. For this reason, he was one of the first customers to introduce the IONSTAR to their workshops – with impressive results. We have been using the IONSTAR pistol, for all our painting and lacquering commissions, for about four months now, and have been able to reduce the amount of finishing work by 30% Walter Höpfl is impressed by the IONSTARs ease of use and uncomplicated handling. we have tested other ionising devices in the past but the IONSTAR is much simpler to integrate into our workflow due to its compact size, low weight and the fact that it simply needs to be hooked up to the compressed air system. The pistol hangs in the cabin, much like a blowing-out pistol and is just as easy to use.

Optimum Know How
Since 1970 Johannes Herrmann has been active in the areas of workshop equipment and vehicle refinishing. The hydraulic lifting platforms, with which the name Herrmann is firmly connected in the workshop equipment market, are one well known example. In 1990, Johannes Herrmann focused his activities in the area of workshop equipment and the companies L-Tec and Toplac were born. Toplac offering everything concerned with paint and L-Tec as the complementary company for painting technology. In the meantime, Johannes Herrmann can look back on a career that spans around 50 patents. The latest invention of the 69-year-old skilled craftsman is IONSTAR antistatic pistol, developed and marketed under the well-known L-Tec brand.

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